Shamanism and Magic

Shamanism and Magic

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Shamanism and Magic: Black, White and Golden Magic

Shamanism and Magic

Black, White and Golden Magic


Both magic and shamanism can be performed in three ways:

Black Magic

* only for their own benefit / benefit and to the loss of other exploited energy work. This form of energy work is not supported by lighting. If a creature of light perceives that the magic is negatively depleted, it draws its energies back and the magician becomes unable to mobilize energies in a conventional way.
Black magic builds up bad karma. The karmic setback comes quite quickly and can only be held with difficulty and never in the long term by further rituals.

White Magic

  * only for the benefit / benefit of other energy work carried out at their own disadvantage. This form of magic is supported by light beings as long as it is not too harmful for the performer. People with helper syndrome and a pronounced problem of self-worth tend to, though unconsciously, to white magic. White magic is therefore nothing bad, has only the disadvantage of using as little benefit as possible for itself. White magic builds up good and conditional bad karma.

Golden Magic

* is a form of energy work that is performed to the best of all parties. Golden magic thus serves the benefit of others as well as their own. This is the form of magic, which is permanently supported by light beings, as long as the "highest to the best of all participants" is not carried out in hypocrisy. In order to use golden magic in the long term, the user needs a lot of awareness, love and responsibility. Sounds simple, but it is a long way to go, if the long-term willingness to personal development and at the same time an experienced, competent and benevolent teacher stands aside, leads to more happiness every day. Golden magic builds up good karma.

Both Magic and Shamanism can be carried out in the sense described above in Black, White and Golden.

*translation from german, Sophia Fragou
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