Akashic Angels: Book of Answers with Reiki-attunement & pdf.

Akashic Angels: Book of Answers with  Reiki-attunement & pdf.
Akashic Angels: Book of Answers with Reiki-attunement & pdf.
What are the Akashic Records?
“The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey.”  When you have your Akashic Records open you have the opportunity to gain clarity and understanding about the experiences and patterns you have in your life allowing you to move forward from a place of greater understanding, healing and release.
The space of the Akashic Records is one of unconditional love, respect and non-judgment, which is a rare space for us, as human beings, to spend time! At times I have enjoyed opening up my own Records to simply be in that space even if I don’t have any specific questions to ask. I always come out feeling lighter and more peaceful!

What is this Reiki for?


Have you ever known how to do something without learning about it? Have you ever had skills in athletics, music, the arts which simply “came to you?”
There is a theory that we are not just ourselves – that we are many selves living many life experiences at the same time. And these selves can visit us in our dreams and help us. You could be a fireman in one life and a poet in another. You could be a man in one life and a woman in another.
The place where all your living experience is stored, is called the Akashic Records. It is like a library. This Reiki system sets out to allow you to get help from your personal Akashic library, with the help of other Selves.

 Getting Started

It is not as easy as asking our other Selves to help us solve all our life’s problems at once. We must focus on one thing. It could be money, romance, protection, health… whatever we like...


...continue with your reading & attunement, after downloading and save your file {pdf}

***Here, ... you can download the AKASHIC ANGELS - manual!

Working with Akashic Angels: Book of Answers Reiki
The usual experience is that you open the library, focus on one wish, ask for
help from your Lifetimes of Knowledge, then close the book and go on about
your day or fall asleep at night. The answers are revealed gently.
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