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ANGELS & NUMBERS ~ The Angels are around us
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The Angels are around us 

Angel Signs Surround Us


There are so many signs, coincidences and synchronicities that surround us that we take for granted.


 Really we should be paying close attention to them as they are often sent as guidance from the angelic realm. The angels cannot intervene in our lives without our permission (unless it is a life threatening situation before our soul’s chosen time to depart) but they may still send us little signs to help us along the way.


However, when you actually ask for help and acknowledge the signs and guidance you are being given, you will find that the angels will work with you even more and increase the incidence of the signs and coincidences. Always remember though that it is best not to be too specific when making a request.


For example, ask for a solution for the highest good or in your best interest and then release it to them. If you are too specific you may find that you are granted this but that there was a much better option for you if you had left the request more open. Once you have asked for help you need to release your worries to the angels and not hold on to them.


Some examples of the Angels signs you may experience:  White feathers in unusual places or left in a trail on a route you walk:


·  Repeat numbers on digital displays eg. 11:11, 222, 333, 444, 555 or

· numbers that are personal to you (for more info on this see Doreen Virtue, Angel Numbers)  Hearing the same songs or significant lyrics on the radio or in shops etc

·  Seeing the word Angel or images of Angels in the unlikeliest of places or

· almost everywhere you go  You are thinking about doing something and then you see an advert for it,

· then a flyer comes through the door and then someone mentions it to you and so on, these are all confirmations from the Angels  Vivid dreams where the angels speak to you directly or you wake up knowing

· what you need to do or have the solution in your mind regarding a concern  Seeing Angel shapes, feathers or hearts in the clouds


· I’m sure there are many more; these are just some of the signs I have experienced myself!


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