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You have entered the Numerology section of  https://gnosiscorner.jimdo.com This is a very special section where you will learn how to find out your Life Path number, the Cycle you are now in, and how to determine your Daily numbers too. This is not hard to figure out at all. Get yourself a pencil and a piece of paper. Get ready to learn some new and wonderful things about yourself and how you can be more joyful in your life. By following your path, knowing your cycle, and going with the flow of your daily vibrations, your life can become more organized, vibrant, and joyful! Read on and become enlightened! You are going to learn about the most important person in your life…YOU. Of course, once you understand your path, cycle, and daily vibrations…you can most certainly learn about the other important people in your life too. Read on and enjoy!  ~ SOPHIA ~



Your Life Path


We all have life paths and when you know which path you are here to work on, your life will flow so much smoother. When you follow your path, life flows with you. When you don’t follow your path, life will be full of resistance moments that will not work in your favor until you get yourself back on the right track.

With that said, let me easily show you how you can figure out what your path is. Once you figure out your own, you can easily figure out the paths of all the people in your life. Hopefully, you can be a good influence in helping them to “get on the right track” too.


This system, called numerology, is so simple that you might think it just can’t be true. But, the truths in life are the simplest systems. So, here we go…all you need to know is your birth date. All of us have picked the exact date that we were supposed to be born on in order to be on the ‘right’ path for this lifetime. There are NO accidents. Everything works “in sync.”


I will use my own birth date as the example and I will try to make this as easy as possible so that you can follow along. I was born on February 27th 1962. All we have to do is to add all of the numbers together like this: 2+2+7+1+9+6+2= 29=11 .      Got it? My life path number is 11. Now, that is two digits, so we want to break this down even further and add both of the 1’s together: 1+1=2.   11 is actually what we call a Master number, so we write it like this: 11/2 where both of these numbers are important.


There are 3 Master numbers, they are: 11, 22, 33. All other numbers will be added together to be broken down into a 1 digit number. Such as my son Petro’s birth date is:  August 17,1988:  8+1+7+1+9+8+8=  42,  4+2=6 . Or, you can write it like this: 42/6. As you can see, he is a 6 life path number. Okay, now go ahead and figure out your own life path number then read on to see what your special life path number means for you.


Brief Numerology “Life Path” Descriptions


There are many positive and negative meanings for all of the numbers. Here are a few of the most basic and more positive meanings of each. Enjoy and follow your “life path” to it’s fullest!


1- Determined, intelligent, motivated, strong willed, courageous, great leadership skills, inventive ideas, strong opinions, executive abilities, strong sense of self, powerful personality, loves to always be right, leadership, manager, and organizer. Enjoys time alone. They need to learn to share their life and space with others. More mental type thinking. Dislikes emotional drama.


2 – Cooperative, partnership minded, tactful, persuasive, kind, sensitive, emotional, nervous, considerate, cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, sincere, very giving, modest, feminine creative energies, need to be appreciated, appreciates beauty, can become anxious and argumentative if opposed.


3-Creative talent, good communicator, optimistic, interest in the arts, very sociable and happy disposition, intelligent, imaginative, humorous, extrovert, joyful, loves music and being around other happy and positive people, very happy and playful people indeed, 3’s need to learn to focus on one thing at one time because they become bored very easily, anything/anyone negative around them and they will move onto brighter pastures, they need lots of sunshine. Can be child like and a lot of fun to be around.


4 – Stable, trustworthy, hardworking, salt-of-the-earth type, reliable, practical, acts as a support system for others, careful and cautious, likes law and order, organized, a very inventive and constructive mind, organizer, networker, enjoys reading, researching, and truth, person of their word, charitable, kind, appreciates other intelligent and hardworking people around them.


5 –Enthusiastic, energetic, thrives on adventure/travel/impromptu situations, enjoys variety, thrives on change, multi-talented, resourceful, loves freedom, quick minded, curious, progressive, intelligent, attracts drama situations, enjoys sports, music, and being outdoors.


6 –Believes in truth and justice, usually unselfish, seeks balance, peace, and harmony. Domesticated/love of home and family, appreciation of fine things, loves nature, enjoys creature comforts, conventional, protective and loving.


7 – Perfectionist, analyst, technical skills, spiritual, introspective, enjoys solitude, likes to research and investigate, good observer, discriminating, critical, dignified, proud, knowledgeable, intuitive, psychic, emotional, sincere, giving, and charitable. Can be self centered and selfish if unhappy in their lives, they are on a path to ‘know themselves’ by doing, giving, and helping others.


8 –Good judgement, organized, management capabilities are strong, seeks power, control, success, and abundance, likes to help others succeed, excellent business skills, efficient, good at character analysis, ability to be self-employed, continuously seeking new goals and levels of excellence. Can get depressed quite easily if situations are out of their control.


9 –Psychic skills, enlightened, abilities in teaching, healing, or counseling, a need to be of service to mankind, able to “read” people’s personalities, compassionate, charitable, believes in universal brotherhood, idealist, charming, sympathetic and understanding. These people are extra sensitive and must avoid drugs and alcohol – can be escapist personalities and dishonest when upset, needs lots of extra sleep to recharge their internal batteries. 9’s have to watch their ego’s too by being on the pitty-pot and saying, “What am I going to do?” when the littlest of problems comes into view. Instead, try focusing on helping others to smile and feel that through you they understand more about true caring, kindness, support and most of all unconditional love and forgiveness. If situations become to hard for you to bear – it is important to know when to walk away and create new opportunities, more positive opportunities, for yourself. Love and passion are the fuels that keep you going.



Master Numbers:   All Master Souls/Advanced Souls are Mystical Travelers and have Mission dedicated lifetimes. Living in the physical world is not easy for them, but they chose to come back into this lifetime to help, serve, and teach everyone about unconditional love and healing. If they choose to take good care of themselves and not feel so much in the pressure cooker of the energy that is within them then they can appear very youthful their whole lives long. Most of them need to be on a spiritual path in order to feel fulfilled and truly joyful. They need extra rest to recharge their internal batteries quite often due to their ability to easily pick up on the energies of others around them. Yoga and meditation are very helpful for these special souls. Their nervous system and digestive system can be very fragile due to other people’s negative energies. They should practice healing themselves as well as others on a daily basis. “Spiritual physician heal thyself” should be their daily practice. The Archangels are always watching over them and helping them do the work that they are here to do. They can seem very mystical and other worldly. Often seen as dreamers they are here to bring the Heavenly energies down onto the Earth plane. It’s possible that some of these special souls will totally forget their Divineness and decide to escape their responsibilities through drugs, drinking, manipulation tactics and lethargy, but when they do, they feel, and internally know that something important is missing from their lives. They won’t be happy until they get themselves back on their right path. Those on the right path have very blessed lives indeed. No matter what their challenges are- and there will be many – they always land on their feet with even greater wisdom to share. Miracles often happen in their lives and the lives of those they deeply care about. It’s difficult sometimes for them to stay focused and grounded. They often feel like they are floating/daydreaming/and in a different dimension. The reason for this is that often their Souls take a break, to rejuvenate, and visit their true home. It may only happen for a minute, or while they are sleeping, but they can snap back onto the earth plain quite quickly. This is why it is so important for them to avoid taking any type of drug that can induce them to feel this way even more. If they do then they can become addicted to the sensations that these drugs induce, thus delaying their life mission even longer. Once overcoming their addictions then they will have to deal with the guilt that they will have for doing the drugs in the first place. It is best to advice and guide these fine souls to stay away from alcohol and drugs, of any type, if possible. Their recovery time when drunk, high, or sickly can be much longer than other souls. They must learn to take care of themselves mind, body, emotions, and soul. They have unique psychic and intuitive abilities that help them move along in life and know what to do when they are called upon for their own lives and the lives of others. These souls make excellent counselors, inventors, and artists of all kinds. They can see beyond the norm and know how to bring about positive change, hope, laughter, healing and great ideas for the betterment of all concerned. The hard part for them is in getting others to cooperate and understand their ideas so that the changes can be implemented. The life of a Master Soul can be very challenging indeed, but when they use their energies correctly they can bring about great change for all of humanity.


11/2 –Non-conformist, humanitarian, idealist, believes in universal brotherhood and sisterhood, feels “different” because of many past lifetimes of wisdom and service towards others, didn’t have to be here in this lifetime but chose to be here as an “Earth Angel” of unconditional love. Pioneering, has a sense of “mission” in life, philosopher, dynamic personality, compassionate, inspired, great will and determination, progressive and futuristic, multi-purposed and multi-talented, never goes unnoticed.


22/4 –Philanthropist, conceives “master plans” and works with others to manifest truth, desires, wishes, and miracles, works with people on a big scale, diligent and hardworking, creates order out of chaos in a big way, speaker of spiritual truths, empathic and very clairsentient, practical genius, idealistic, wants to “heal the planet” and is here to do so whether in a small or big way, but always makes an important difference. Makes an excellent teacher, healer, counselor, missionary of unconditional love. Diplomatic, excellent intuitive abilities, patience of a saint, persevering and determined, self-motivated achiever for the good of all. 22/4’s dislike ignorance, disrespect, and destruction. They also dislike “non-sense” situations. If opposed, watch out, you will be in for a lecture of a lifetime, but if you listen closely, they will tell you things you need to hear to put you

back on the right path.


33/6 –Humanitarian in a big way, caring, devoted, nurturing, Mothering/Fathering/Big Sister/Big Brother towards everyone, healer, caretaker, understanding, helpful, coaching and guiding. These are usually the very devoted paramedics, doctors, nurses, firefighters, and others that are deeply concerned for humanitarian causes. Healers of the planet, environmentalists. They always do things for others in a Big way to create a Big difference for positive change.


The Cycles of Your Life


Now we have entered into the Cycles area of your life. Figuring out your cycle is a little different than figuring out your life path so try not to get them confused with each other. To figure out what cycle you are in, you are going to add the last year that you had your birthday on ‘instead’ of the year that you were born. I will use my birthday as the example once again. I had my last birthday in 2018. 2+0+1+8=11


Again, my birthday is on February 27th. My last birthday was in 2018: 2+2+7+11 = 22 {Master-number}, or  2+2=4. I am currently in a 22 Master cycle, or in a 4-cycle. If this is too confusing for you, you can just add your numbers together like this. 2+2+7+2+0+1+8=22.  2+2=4 .   22/4  Either way, you will come out with the right number. If your last birthday was in 2017-18, you will just add those numbers together and come out with a 10/1 and use the 1 number instead of the 11. So, go ahead and figure out what cycle you are currently in now and what cycle you are moving into on your next birthday. Then read on for the meanings of the cycles and always remember to live your current “cycle” to it’s fullest!


1 Cycle – This is the cycle of NEW BEGINNINGS! No matter what you went through during your last cycle, this is a much better cycle and you should certainly make the most of it. This is the time to start new projects, for everything you start now will definitely grow and grow and grow! Success can be yours during this cycle. Believe in yourself and all you do. Prosperity starts inside of You! You should be feeling younger now, more motivated, intelligent and confident!


2 Cycle –Teamwork comes into play during this cycle. You will want to share what you started last cycle with someone special. Partnerships, especially business ones can be very beneficial at this time. Allowing your responsibilities to be shared with someone special and getting the feedback that you desire from another person will be important to you at this time. This can be a very feminine cycle and you may notice that your emotions are more on the surface during this cycle than they were during your last cycle. Be careful of feeling PMS’Y even if you are a male, for when you don’t get your own way, you may find that you get more angry than you usually do. This is the cycle of teamwork and compromise.


3 Cycle –Oh Yes, this is the cycle that we all look forward to! This is the cycle of fun, play, laughter, dancing, and celebrations! Put on your happy face and enjoy every minute of it. This is the cycle where you can allow your inner-child to come out and play. This is an excellent cycle for taking vacations, especially around water, and truly enjoying yourself. Don’t expect money to stick around for too long during this cycle, for money is only a tool to help you go out and have more fun! You will find your circle of friends expanding during this time and the more fun they are, the happier everyone will be. Make the most of this cycle. Joy, happiness, and lots of fun are yours now!


4 Cycle – Okay, your 3 cycle was for fun and this 4 cycle tells you to get back to work. Wherever there is chaos in your life, this is the time to organize, prioritize, and start to commit to bringing more stability and security into your future. This is an excellent time for all kinds of learning. Going back to school now, or studying an important topic of interest on your own, will help bring you lots of success in your future. This is also a cycle where any kinds of commitments made now will be long lasting. You can see the rewards flowing directly to you as long as you are willing to work long hours and do your best now. Take your money and purchase only what you need, save the rest and make investments that will help you feel more secure in the years to come. This is a cycle of commitment, stability, security, and organization.


5 Cycle –This is the cycle of “Changes, Challenges, and Tests of Faith” and you will certainly feel every bit of it. Since changes are going to occur any ways, why not make yourself a list of the changes that you choose to see happen during this cycle. Sometimes, you will feel the changes are just to hard to bare, but in reality, this cycle will make you stronger and help you to realize that you are truly in control of your future. You can easily visualize what you desire and see the results manifest into your life quite quickly. Thinking positive thoughts now, using your strong sense of visualization, being creative, and keeping a good sense of humor are all important during this cycle. Situations that you have outgrown, and relationships too, will need to be released during this cycle and sometimes this will not be easy, but, if you hang in there, the adjustments made in your life now will bring you great rewards. Remember to keep focused on the changes that you desire the most and in this way, this can be a very good cycle indeed. It all depends on how you perceive it to be.


6 Cycle – This is the cycle where relationships should take top priority in your life. Your personal relationships should begin to become more harmonious. Your relationships with your co-workers, your friends, your associates, your family members, your special loved one, and even with the stranger that you meet on the street should become much more balanced. You are learning that all relationships play an important part in your life…and you play an important part in their lives too. This is the perfect time to expand your family through marriages, new births, and re-unions with those you haven’t seen in a very long time. You are learning where your priorities really are and that who and what you consider family is the most important aspect of your life after all. This is the cycle where you are being asked to give of yourself to bring more joy and healing into the lives of all those around you.


7 Cycle –During your last cycle, you gave of yourself to everyone around you. Now is the time that others can repay you for all that you have done. This is the “Karma return” cycle. You will receive good for all the good that you have done, but, if you did not give of yourself generously, you might find that a great sense of loneliness may overcome you now. This is the cycle to learn more about who you are and what your life is all about. You may feel more introverted during this cycle. In general…this cycle is all about YOU. You may find that your spiritual awareness grows quite a bit during this cycle and that you have some hidden gifts inside yourself that you never noticed before. Let them out…let them grow…and allow yourself to shine! Say, “Yes” to anyone that wants to do something nice for you now. By doing so, you are allowing them to earn some very good karma too. 


8 Cycle –The more you learned about yourself during your 7 cycle, the more successful you will be during this 8 cycle. This is the cycle where once again you will be tested. Think of a fence, on one side of the fence is success, joy, happiness, financial security and abundance, great loving relationships, and all of the great opportunities that you desire. On the other side of the fence is completely the opposite, in other words, depression over issues that are out of your control, most times leading to psychological depression too. Which side of the fence are you going to be on? That is determined by how much confidence you have in yourself and how much you have learned from the previous cycles that you have had thus far. If you desire to control everything, that will only blow up in your face and lead you down the negative path of depression. If you can keep your sense of humor and learn to move forward with all of the good stuff happening in your life and have a great sense of appreciation and gratitude, doors of opportunity will open for you like never before! Do what you need to do, but don’t try to control situations that are out of your control. Be wise and put those situations into the hands of a Higher Power. When you let go and let God…miracles happen for you during this special cycle.


9 Cycle –This is the cycle of releasing and letting go. Now is the time to rest and allow the Universe to provide for you. You are going to need to keep your sense of humor during this cycle and when you start feeling more tired than usual, just say, “Oh, it’s just the 9 cycle thing that I am going through.” This is just a phase and this too will pass. Rest, relax, take it easy as much as possible during this cycle. This is a good time to get check ups and the main rule of thumb is not to purchase anything new (like a house or car) during this cycle. This is the cycle for cleaning out your closets and getting rid of things you do not want or need anymore. If you are in a relationship during this cycle, often times you will feel like you would like to get rid of that too, but hold on, if it’s a good relationship, it will survive this cycle and your partner (and friends) will want to help you out now too. Only if the relationship is not for your Highest Good will it end during this cycle. Same thing goes for your career, if you are meant to leave this job because it no longer serves your Highest good will it end during this cycle. Again, take it easy and clean out your closets. Remember this is your time of rest in order to prepare yourself for your new 1 cycle to come.



Master Cycles


11/2 –Like the 2 cycle, this is a time of cooperation and teamwork. What makes this cycle even more important is the fact that you will actually be able to feel Angels all around you. You are cooperating with them on a much higher level. You are being asked to share lots of unconditional love with everyone around you. Allow your inner-joy and inner-light to be a beacon for all to see! Yes, you may feel a little bit more anxious during this cycle, but that is just your own life energy flowing through you, propelling you onward to do something special. Be extra charitable with your time, your ideas, and your money this year.


22/4 Cycle –Like the 4 cycle, this is a time of organization and stability. What makes this cycle even more important is that you now have the ability to be “A Master Builder” and you will be able to create some wonderful things that can help your family, the community, and your world to become an even better place to live in. Listen to your intuition for it will be exceptionally strong at this time. This can be the cycle of your life when great opportunities come into your life that you definitely need to say “Yes” to. You should have the confidence that you need to succeed! Listen to your intuition for all the inspiration you need. Allow your inspired ideas to grow and become successful! Visualize the Big Picture of what you are doing and go for the gold!


33/6 –This is the time of your life when you should re-evaluate all of your relationships. Those from the past, and those around you now, and determine what you can personally do to make all of your relationships flow smoother. You are being asked to be the caretaker, healer, lover, and best friend to many. You have the abilities to do this. You can reach out and be a great humanitarian at this time. This is the cycle where you will see expansions of family members around you through marriages, births, engagements etc. and it’s very possible for you to have a re-union with a lover from the past that can turn out to be so much more now. Lots of healing will take place during this cycle and lots of little miracles too.

It’s at this time that I want to bring to your attention that many people do not go through Master Cycles in their lifetimes and some people may go through only 1 or 2 Master cycles in their lifetime. If you are going through a Master Cycle that means that your Soul has advanced far enough to be able to flow through this important cycle and that you are destined for great things during this time. Be wise, be humble (for it is always a humbling experience) and enjoy!


Daily Numbers


Okay, now that you know all about your life path number and your current cycle number, now you should be ready to learn about the bio-rythm number of each and every day. I suggest that you get out a calendar that you can write on. Once you know what your day is for today…then you can move forward and write the corresponding numbers for each day until you get to the end of your calendar for that month. Okay, so go and grab your calendar…I’ll wait for you. 


Now, don’t get your life-path-number confused with your current “cycle” number. For this special project, I want you to just use your current “cycle” number. For example: I am currently in a ‘22’ cycle…and as I write this to you today, the date is April 19th. Now, I want to know what my number is for today right?


April =4 (for the 4th month of the year)


Day = 19=1+9=10...=1


My Cycle= 22


Now let’s add all those together:    4+1+22= 2+7=9      27/9      


I am having a 9 day today! – Go figure, the daily number vibrations are always right on! It’s my 9 day and today I created this whole brand new Numerology part of my website just for you! Get R Done!  Work, work, work, and I hope that you are enjoying it so far and will enjoy it even more when it’s complete. Read on for the descriptions of the daily numbers! Learn to ‘go with the flow’ of your daily vibration and you will find that you can accomplish so much more on the days you are supposed to…and relax so much more on the days when you should. Read on and enjoy!



1 Days –New Beginnings! Start projects on this day. You are planting seeds of success for your future. Your energy is higher and you should be feeling great! Be a leader today. You may want to work on projects by yourself so that you can concentrate better on the details. “I Am making new beginnings today that will bring me success for my future.”


2 Days –Cooperation, friendships, teamwork. If you are in a good mood and people work with you as a team, all will be well. If they don’t and if you feel crabby…it’s a PMS’Y day -watch out! “My friendships are important to me and I nurture them with kindness.”


3 Days –Fun, laughter, adventure, music, dance! This is a day to play! The bigger the groups you are around the happier you will be. Good communication flows with laughter today. Enjoy! “I allow myself to tap into my inner-child and allow myself to enjoy my day and play!”


4 Days –Back to work! Organize all of the chaos around you. Learn something new today! “I happily organize my life and bring more stability and security to myself and all those around me.”


5 Days –Changes, challenges, tests of faith! Energy is moving quickly today. Watch your temper. “The changes I make today may be challenging but they will help me to grow and prosper.”


6 Days –Relationship Day! Nurture all those who are important to you. People from your past often come back into your life on this day. Harmony in relationships should be your first priority. “My relationships take top priority in my life. I nurture them with love and kindness.”


7 Days –A day all about YOU. Do what you want and work on projects that make you happy. Great day for: a haircut, shopping, meditation, visualization, getting a reading, or anything that helps you to learn more about you, and helps you to feel at your best. “I AM important today. I nurture myself with love and kindness.”


8 Days – Power Day. Success in all areas of your life can happen today, but, watch out for control issues. When things do not go exactly the way you had planned, you might get very depressed. Let go and put those situations in the hands of a Higher Power. “I release total control and put it in the hands of a Higher Power. I release depression and fill myself with spiritual energy and success.”


9 Days –A day of rest. Finish projects, clean out closets, and just take it easy. Let the Universe provide for you today. Often on 9 days, if you are in a positive mood, you may expect a special surprise to come into your life from an unexpected source. Main thing is to take it easy. “I happily release all people, places, and things that no longer serve my Highest Good. I allow myself to be tranquil. It’s my time for rest and relaxation.”



Now, what if you run across a “Master” vibrational day? Okay…here we go…


11/2 Days – Angelic Day. Watch for signs, symbols, and energetic guidance that will help you with your day. Listen to your intuition. Your Guides and Angels have a better chance of communication with you. “The Angels surround me and guide me each step of the way.”


22/4 Days – This is a BIG day to get a lot accomplished. Help out with charities and communicate your spiritual ideas with others. You can personally help out in a big way! “My intuitive ideas are flowing very well. I AM the Master Builder of my own life and of the lives of those around me.”


33/6 Day –Old emotional wounds from a past relationship, or a current one, can be healed today. You are being called upon to be a caretaker and nurturer for many. Forgiveness and healing are important issues. “I choose to be the nurturer towards all those that need my assistance today.”


*I hope that you will be able to follow the vibrational flow of your path, your cycle, and your daily number vibrations. When you do, life will work out so much easier for you. And, it’s so much fun to know this information and go with the flow. Keeping a journal about how these numbers actually work out for you can be quite amazing too.



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