DATE: 19/3/2019

My Name is ~ SOPHIA ~

I don't wish to "update" or change something of my website! My only WISH today is, to spread "My New Message": 

"The mainly "code" & "purpose" of  THESE sites IS: EVERYTHING IS FREE!...SEE FREE OFFERSFREE HEALING Systems & FREE COURSES! ....receive gratefully & give THANKS to GOD/UNIVERSE!


The knowledge is out there for anyone to access online! I wish to help  Starseeds & Lightworkers everywhere to lighten our planet and heal our Brothers and Sisters! So...

Thank you! 
Be Blessed in Love Light and Joy!

FREELY "share" the GNOSIS/Knowledge of my sites!

NEW!  A COURSE IN MIRACLES - 365 Daily Devotionals-yearly program!



The Daily Devotionals of A COURSE IN MIRACLES are open and FREE to every-One worldwide who wishes to follow and practice the Teachings and Daily Exercises!


               "NEW"           FREE online reading: A Course In Miracles in Greek-Language!

                                                PLEASE USE the website's  Google-Translator-Tools for other languages.

                                                 Διαβάστε  ΔΩΡΕΑΝ/FREE-online Τα ΜΑΘΗΜΑΤΑ ΘΑΥΜΑΤΩΝ - A COURSE IN MIRACLES!


" Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

          ~ Nelson Mandela ~ 

E-Studies, Home-Studies

TEACH IN HARMONY :   From private home-studies in the comfort of your own home, to yearly programs in our fully equipped Face-Book "virtual-classrooms", Key Lessons will find the way to bring the love of education into your life