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DATE: 19/3/2019

My Name is ~ SOPHIA ~

I don't wish to "update" or change something of my website! My only WISH today is, to spread "My New Message": 

"The mainly "code" & "purpose" of  THESE sites IS: EVERYTHING IS FREE!...SEE FREE OFFERS, FREE HEALING Systems & FREE COURSES! ....receive gratefully & give THANKS to GOD/UNIVERSE!


The knowledge is out there for anyone to access online! I wish to help  Starseeds & Lightworkers everywhere to lighten our planet and heal our Brothers and Sisters! So...

Thank you! 
Be Blessed in Love Light and Joy!

FREELY "share" the GNOSIS/Knowledge of my sites!

 We offer many powerful courses for Holistic Health, Spiritual Healing and Development, Meditation, Psychic Skills Development, Reiki I., II., III. , Reiki Grand Master, Akasha & Astral Travel, Soul Age  & Soul Signature,  DRAGON-Reiki, etc...

TEACH IN HARMONY :   From private home-studies in the comfort of your own home, to yearly programs in our fully equipped Face-Book "virtual-classrooms", Key Lessons will find the way to bring the love of education into your life.

After Your decision and participation & successful completion with your assignments, in one or more courses of our e-courses, we will send to You your "digital Certification". I AM, Sophia Fragou GMT, Certified Metaphysical Practitioner as Your Instructor/Teacher {..see ABOUT-page} , The responsible person for Your EDUCATION, and always want and wish, "to Be proud for All my Students" !


                                                                                                        ~ SOPHIA ~



IMPORTANT!!! ...PLEASE!!! ... because of my serious "health problems",... DON'T contact me {at this time}! I  couldn't be able  to reply to your questions! Download, or take freely whatever  of   the FREE courses, manuals or "knowledge" you need! ....