The Holy Bloodline of Jesus

CRAZY truth seekers claim they have proof Jesus was married and at least one of his children continued his bloodline.
CONSPIRACY: Truth seekers still claim Jesus was married and had children

The Holy Bloodline of Jesus ~
The Esoteric Teachings of Jesus and the Nazarene Essenes

The Holy Bloodline of Jesus is the theory that Jesus Christ had a natural child with Mary Magdalene which was then taken to France, either during Magdalene's pregnancy or as a young child, and whose blood descendants in later centuries founded the Merovingian dynasty of the early kings of France

The Jesus bloodline theory has become famous through the works The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, the book by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln, which was based on Pierre Plantard's Priory of Sion, and The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown which closely follows the theory, presenting it as the basis for a fictional drama involving catholic conspiracy.

These authors further asserted that the ultimate goals of the Priory of Sion are:
  • Founding a "Holy European Empire" that would become the next hyperpower and usher in a new world order of peace and prosperity;
  • Establishing a messianic mystery state religion by revealing the Holy Grail, which would prove Ebionite views and Desposyni claims; and
  • Grooming and installing a "Rex Deus" on the throne of a Greater Israel.

The Theory ....{ one of the Theories!? }

The main elements of the theory are that:
  • Jesus had a child, probably a daughter, with Mary Magdalene, with whom he was married.
  • The descendants of this child became the Merovingian kings of France.
  • The Church has suppressed the truth about Mary Magdalene and the Jesus bloodline for 2000 years. This is principally because they fear the power of the sacred feminine, which they have demonized as Satanic.
A secret order protects these royal claimants because they may be the literal descendants of Jesus and his wife, Mary Magdalene, or, at the very least, of King David and the High Priest Aaron.

This secret society known as Priory of Sion has a long and illustrious history dating back to the First Crusade starting with the creation of the Knights Templar as its military and financial front.
The Priory is led by a Grand Master or Nautonnier. It is devoted to returning the Merovingian dynasty, that ruled the Frankish kingdom from 447 to 751 AD, to the thrones of Europe and Jerusalem.

The Roman Catholic Church tried to kill off all remnants of this dynasty and their guardians, the Cathars and the Templars, during the Inquisition, in order to maintain power through the apostolic succession of Peter instead of the hereditary succession of Mary Magdalene. 
A variation on the theory is that instead of dying on the cross, Jesus fled to Kashmir where he died in old age, returning to Srinagar where he had originally been influenced by Buddhist teachings. 
This theory is lent credence by close comparisons of Jesus' sayings in the Gnostic Gospel of St Thomas, which are seen by some as closely paralleling classical Buddhist Sutras.
The theory also has parallels with other "disciple flight to distant lands" stories, such as the journey of Joseph of Arimathea to England after the death of Jesus taking with him a piece of thorn from the Crown of Thorns, which he later planted in Glastonbury.

BRITAIN: The alleged bloodline of Jesus continues into the myth of Kind Arthur
BRITAIN: The alleged bloodline of Jesus continues into the myth of Kind Arthur

BRITAIN: The alleged bloodline of Jesus continues into the myth of Kind Arthur

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